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  • Prop Hunt: X may have a new major update on Upcoming 2021. Please read here for more information.
PH:X 2021 Logo Concept

A major update of Prop Hunt: X's 2021 Announcement

Prop Hunt: X will receiving many changes & updates on upcoming (late) 2021. The Development, however, might be slower than unusual because of new improvisation & implementations to the gamemode. This include several fixes, gameplay mechanic changes, Fretta internals re-coded, tweaks and more. The aim of this update is to improve gameplay experience and entertainment by adding a new mechanics: "SubClass and Ability" and also includes a new integrated level system.

However, you can still able to contribute or test the gamemode in the nightly-build version by watching to the dev-branch repository branch. The working commit will soon be pushed on next 1st or 2nd December, if it's not too late.

Update Concept

Images may be added or changed during development progress. Concept are rough and will be redesigned better.


The following changes that will made on PH:X in future release are follows:

  • Level System

    Make Prop Hunt more entertaining with levels and earns some rewards!

  • Sub Class

    Give Hunters & Props to a new SubClass with extra Abilities.

  • Extra Abilities

    Prop and Hunters will have Extra abilities!

  • Optimization

    Makes the gamemode run smoother and extra tweaks to make the gamemode more control.

  • New shipped PH:X's Exclusive maps

    A new map for a new PHX's feature gameplay!

  • User Interface Changes

    Make it more modern and simple.

  • More Customization

    Make the gamemodes more friendly for developers and Regular players to customise anything they want.

  • More Features

    Makes Prop Hunt: X to include more features in with updated Plugins.

For more full changes list, please Click here to view.

Prop Hunt X's Bonus Release: TTT Restaurant

During Prop Hunt: X's development, the TTT version of Restaurant soon will be released during late December or late 2021 (or exactly when the PH:X new update is about to release).
Please do note though that this version of the map is only compatible for TTT gamemode. The map will also receive a new layout & design update to make it more detailed plus with an extended version which will be a combination from a Restaurant Night 2019 and 2020 (latest) version. This may also extends to a new area which makes this map tends to be bigger.
However, to make this happen and released on December, you could help to improve this map (or ahead to this donation link ) by supporting it!

We need your Help!

You can contribute & help us to improve the gamemode following with the future changes work-list. However if you don't have any experience in LUA programing, though, you could help by donating which helps alot for improving this gamemode's development!

Support Goal

Current Goal: $0.00/$80.00


Help us to improve the Prop Hunt: X development! We're also looking for translator and help to improve our Wiki.

Contribute to support PH:X Development

You can contribute by helping to donate if you dont have any experience in LUA. Your donation is really helping to improve the development alot!

Support Development by Donating