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Guide, Manuals, Settings and other topics for Prop Hunt X Gamemode.

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Additional plugins for Prop Hunt X. Allows you to customise and more.

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Quick Help: Installing


This documentation needs to be updated. Any references linked to this topic may invalid or unavailable.

How to Install (Dedicated Server)

A guide for how to use and install the gamemode on your Garry's Mod Hosted server. Please note that I do not recommend using Hamachi or WLAN Peer-to-Peer based network which may not 100% reliable for playing.


(1) There might some limitation that you may unable to host because your current ISP does not allow to Port Forward or have different NAT settings. THIS MEAN THAT IF YOU ARE USING MOBILE NETWORK OR LIMITTED ISP NETWORKS (School, office, college) ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO USE PORT FORWARDING. Please Refer to this link and RECHECK that if your connection/ISP does indeed allows port forwarding.
(2) It is impossible to host Source-Engine Dedicated Server without Port Forwarding. However, You are only able to host server in P2P networks ONLY ON LISTEN SERVERS.
(3) Be sure that your Router/Proxy/ISP does allow UDP and TCP Port forwarding on Steam Ports networks. Following from range 27000 to 27400.

For more detailed information about IP Port Forwarding, Public IP, and stuff, Check on the video description here

Installing on Dedicated Server (SteamCMD)

Note: this section is for advanced users only.

Note 2:
If you want to setup server without hassle or prefer using a Hosted Server, I'd like to recommend to use Digital Ocean.
You can create your Gmod Dedicated server here.

Note 3: Steam Guide for installing PH:X on your server is now available. Click Here

1. Downloading SteamCMD

  • Information about downloading SteamCMD can be found on this link: (Available in Linux and Windows)
  • Save SteamCMD at any place. For example: D:\steamcmd\ (by creating a new folder: steamcmd)
  • Launch SteamCMD.exe until the update finished.
    Linux: use ./ from a terminal to launch this operation.
  • Once update is complete, type: login anonymous, wait until fully logged-in as anonymous.
  • Once logged-in, type: app_update 4020
    Before installing, by default, this will install under /SteamApps folder within SteamCMD directory. To change this, you can use:
    force_install_dir <path> to anywhere you want. e.g: (Windows) force_install_dir "C:\gmod" - (Linux) force_install_dir "/home/<user>/gmod".
    once done, you can type app_update 4020 to begin download.
  • Wait until download finished. This may take a while (can be in hours depended your network speed).
  • Once finished, Revalidate the download to make sure it's ready to use. Type: app_update 4020 validate and make sure everything is up to date.

2. Downloading Prop Hunt: X Gamemode

  • Download gamemode files through GitHub:
  • Download by using Clone or download > Download ZIP.
    Linux: You can either use git clone or simply use with wget
  • Save into your <server directory>/garrysmod/gamemodes/ directory.
  • Open the zip file, open the prop-hunt-X-master folder, you will see some folders: gamemodes, materials, models, and sound.
    Go to gamemodes folder and extract both prop_hunt and fretta into <server directory>/garrysmod/gamemodes/ directory.
    For the rest of the file (materials, models, sound) you need to create a new folder in <server directory>/garrysmod/addons/. Simply by giving a name (e.g):
    "prophunt_files", and then extract the materials, models, and sound into the <server directory>/garrysmod/addons/prophunt_files directory.
  • Done.

3. Downloading ULX Admin Mod
Please note that you can skip this step if you have another Admin Mod. Prop Hunt X will require any admin mods that can have access to certain user groups.

  • Download the ULX & ULib Here:
  • Extract each zip files into corresponding folders. for you need to extract every containing folder into a new created folder ulib.
    You can create the folder anywhere as a temporary, for e.g: Desktop\ulib.
  • Extract once again for with every containing folder into a new created folder: ulx.
    You can create the folder anywhere as a temporary, for e.g: Desktop\ulx.
  • Copy/Move ulx and ulib to <server directory>/garrysmod/addons folder.

Linux: This action can be done by using unzip and use copy commands.

4. Configuring Server

At this point, your server is almost ready. To make your server visible with Prop Hunt gamemode, you need some extra configuration to start the server.
To achieve this you need a following:

  • custom batch script (shell script in linux) containing commands parameter (See Below).
  • a server config file (server.cfg) which located at garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg. You can get the Config template file here.

Creating Batch Script in Windows (or Shell Script in Linux)


  • Create a new file: Launch.bat (use from Notepad and give it a name as 'Launch.bat').
  • Save it under server directory that contain srcds.exe binary (e.g: C:\gmod).
  • Edit the batch file with notepad (or notepad++) containing with:
    srcds.exe -console +maxplayers 16 +gamemode prop_hunt +port 27015 +ticrate 66 +map <any map> +exec server.cfg
  • Save.


  • Create a new file using nano (or other editing program like vim)
  • Type in below:
    ./scrds -console +maxplayers 16 +gamemode prop_hunt +port 27015 +ticrate 66 +map <any map> +exec server.cfg

    If you have screen installed on your Linux, you can use: ( or refer to this link: )

    screen -S gmod_server ./scrds -console +maxplayers 16 +gamemode prop_hunt +port 27015 +ticrate 66 +map <any map> +exec server.cfg
  • Save.

Parameter Explanations

  • console : start in console mode. On Windows, there will be a VGUI version of scrds. We will not using this method anymore.
  • maxplayers : Set how many players present on your server.
  • gamemode : Set default gamemode for your server. As default we'll set prop_hunt for Prop Hunt: X.
  • port : Server port to start with.(default: 27015) - Some routers may require additional public IP to make it available publicly, by using +ip <your ip address>.
  • ticrate : Server tick rate, much more like 'Server FPS' to host. This require a good CPU and RAM to make your server stable with 16 players in it. You can use 33 instead of 66 if you experiencing server lags.
  • map : A map to start with. you can fill this with something like ph_restaurant or any maps starting with ph_ prefix.
  • exec : Execute server configuration (server.cfg)

4. Ready to host.

Your server is ready to use. On windows you can start the Launch.bat or Linux by ./, and try connecting to your server from your client using connect <your ip>:<port>.

How to Install (Client)

Simple guide for you how to use and install the gamemode on your Garry's Mod Multiplayer mode.

Garry's Mod Steam Client (Multiplayer Mode)

  • Simply by navigating to download and choose Workshop Download. It will bring you to Steam Workshop and Press [Subscribe] button on workshop and steam will download it for you.
  • Download ANY Admin Mods. This is required to control your Prop Hunt X. My recommendation is ULX:
  • Once all download finished, launch your Garry's Mod game.
  • On your bottom left screen, you will see [Sandbox] menu, change it into [Prop Hunt]
  • Click 'Start New Game' and select [Prop Hunt] Category on left Panel.
  • Choose any prop hunt map as you desired starting with ph_ map prefix.
  • On the right panel, Change the green button of [Single Player] into any player numbers you want. For Example: 8 Players.
  • Set your Server Name.
  • Untick Local Server, Tick Peer-to-Peer, Untick Peer-to-Peer: Friends Only.
  • Set up some settings as you want. If you don't know what to do, Just skip this step.
  • Hit [Start Game] blue button and Invite your friends after the game finished loaded.

Now you can play multiplayer with your friends!

Adding workshop content

Adding workshop content to your multiplayer game or dedicated server.

Workshop Collection

If you have created workshop collections, the only thing you need is the workshop collection ID for your dedicated server.
For clients (multiplayer mode), you can simply copy your collection URL links to your friends and let your friends download the entire things so you both can see each other contents without any problems.

On the section "2. Installing On Server" where the parts you edit the Launch.bat (linux:, all you need to do is adding a paremeter of:
+host_workshop_collection <WORKSHOPID>, for example: +host_workshop_collection 354485050 (Collection of:


srcds.exe -console +host_workshop_collection 354485050 +maxplayers 16 +gamemode prop_hunt +port 27015 +ticrate 66 +map ph_restaurant_2020 +exec server.cfg

For more information about this, you can read instruction here:

Notes: Some Requirements
Some maps, addons, and other contents may require additional game content such as Counter-Strike: Source. Without this, your game may contain missing textures and errors. To prevent this happening you can either Buy Counter-Strike: Source or download the alternative version (by googling.)

Adding custom taunts

There are many ways to add custom taunts for your Prop Hunt: Enhanced.

By default, This gamemode has shipped with default soundpack from original Prop Hunt with some extra additions.
In Prop Hunt: Enhanced, you can now add custom names on each taunt to give it more 'nice' display for taunt to play.
Custom taunts will be listed by default in Taunt Browser Window (by Pressing 'C' to activate) and click "Custom Taunt" dropdown menu to display your custom taunts.

This custom taunts are also can be played in Auto-Taunt feature.


Before adding custom taunt, be sure you have follow the correct Sample Rate on some sound format in order to get the taunt files work. (See guide below for details)

Sample Rate for specific Sound Formats (important!)

In order to make taunts played properly, you need to adjust your sound file following with the correct Source Engine's Sample Rate. I'd like to recommend to set the sound into Mono format to enable '3D' sound effect. Using stereo format may lower the sound volume and it can be played in both channel (it's nearly impossible for hunter to hear where it's located), unless if you use this for intentional purposes.

WAV Files - Should be formatted with:

  • 22.050 Khz, Mono, PCM 4 or 8 bit.
  • 44.000 Khz, Mono, PCM 4 or 8 bit. This works with stereo format but the sound volume is very low.

MP3 Files - Should be formatted (following from BASS library and Compatible from Source Engine's RAD MP3 Library):

  • Playback Rate must inbetween from 96k KHz to 144k KHz.
  • Mono/Stereo only (No spatial format needed). Mono is recommended.
  • Must be transconded from LAME's mp3 Enconder.

OGG Files - Should be formatted with: (Not Recommended)

  • 22.050 Khz, Mono Only, 4 or 8 bit. (can be either 16 bit but Wont Recommend it)

Method 1 - Using External Script outside from gamemode directory (Lua/Addons)

  • Navigate to your Garry's Mod garrysmod directory, and then go to /lua/autorun folder.
  • Grab a copy of sh_additional_taunts.lua here.
  • Save the downloaded file under garrysmod/lua/autorun folder.
  • Edit the file with following contents:
local taunts = {}

-- make sure team ids are available, or revert to their numeric defaults.
-- Add taunts to Hunter team.
taunts[TEAM_HUNTERS] = {
    ["Guuuh!"]                  = "vo/k_lab/ba_guh.wav",
    ["If you See Dr. Breen"]    = "vo/streetwar/rubble/ba_tellbreen.wav",
    ["test"]                    = "vo/k_lab/ba_geh.wav",
    -- ["add more"]             = "prop_hunt/just/other/taunts.wav",
-- Add Taunts to Prop team.
taunts[TEAM_PROPS] = {
    ["Windows XP Shutdown"]     = "taunts/ph_enhanced/ext_xp_off.wav",
    ["Windows XP Startup"]      = "taunts/ph_enhanced/ext_xp_start.wav",
    -- ["add more"]             = "prop_hunt/just/other/taunts.wav",
-- Assign the taunt tables with Category.
-- Note: if category exists, any existing taunt name (keys) or taunt path (values) that exists in category Will be IGNORED.
-- list.Set(<the List we assign to>, <category name>, <taunt table>)
list.Set("PHX.CustomTaunts", "My Custom Taunts", taunts)

-- You can also add more list here and assign them again to public the list.

Method 2 - Edit taunt list in gamemode directory

WARNING: This method may be unstable and require Map Restart to apply!

  • Navigate to your Garry's Mod garrysmod/gamemode directory
  • Open or Edit file /gamemodes/prop_hunt/gamemode/config/sh_additional_taunts.lua with Notepad/++ or Linux: nano/vim.
  • Follow the method from Method #1 above. The proccess is similar.
  • Restart the map.

Serving your taunt resources to be available for download

By default, performing taunt addition will automatically downloads your existing taunts and making them available for download. However, in some cases the download may wont work. You might have to follow these step below how to get them working.

There are currently two ways to serve your custom taunts to be available for downloads. FastDL or Workshop.

For FastDL, be sure you have watched this Video Tutorial on how you add your resource to FastDL (Web Hosting may needed):

Be sure that you have understand on How to create a Garry's Mod Addon on Workshop.
Be sure that you have choosen 'ServerContent' as Addon Type!

Simply, with the addon workshop that you're about to make, copy and include every sounds into your Workshop Folder and publish it into the workshop. Make sure that sound directory match with the taunt list that you've provided in sh_additional_taunts.lua file.

Once your workshop has been published, make sure that the Workshop has Public privacy so anyone can download your taunt workshop. Once done, you're good to go.

Help & Wiki

If you are looking for more references, help, wiki, how to add custom taunts, server configurations and more you can go to this link below: