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  • Some plugins may only works on Dedicated Server. All addons uploaded to workshop is fully compatible with Multiplayer mode.
  • Plugins that tagged with ( ) are currently on beta stage. It may not fully 100% compatible yet.
  • Quick Legends:
    • Workshop Plugins mode.
    • Legacy (Server) Plugins mode.
    • Experimental Plugins.
    • Source Codes available in GitHub.
    • Plugin is still on Progress/TBA.

Prop Hunt X Plugins

MrGrim48's Unstuck

Simply unstuck your prop.
Download GitHub Repo More info

A gamemode agnostic solution to Garry's Mod players getting stuck, Compatible with any gamemodes.

Prop Remover 1.0

Remove some unwanted props in a specific map in minutes!
Available for Donators More info

Prop Remover is an Easy UI Management tool for map props removal. This tool allows you to modify and remove any specific props on current active map.
Currently, this addon only remove prop_physics entities. These exclude any other entities e.g: prop_dynamic or prop_ragdoll (You might need the 'PropMap Editor' to do this).
The addon will automatically remove all selected props during Map/Game Initialisation and Round Restart (Game Respawn, which usually occurs during Map Clean Up).

This addon is only restricted to Superadmins only.

Prop Chooser (Prop Menu)

Choose any prop whenever you want!
Download GitHub Repo More info

A Simple addons for Prop Hunt: Enhanced which allows you to choose any props from a map whenever you want.

Map Props will be scanned and added during gamemode initialisation. They will soon be added into a list (Proccessed in serverside) and transfered to client side. Each time when player joins, the prop list will be available to them. The Prop Chooser list window will only appear when you are on Prop Team by simply pressing F8 key by default.

By default, Prop team have 3x chances to choose and change the prop whenever they can. (It can be unlimited based settings!) - Make sure you have a some plenty-open room choose other props, and stay on the ground and not crouching as well.

Prop Chooser ULX (Prop Menu)

Prop Chooser with ULX Support.
Available for Donators More info

Same as previous Prop Chooser, but this one includes support for ULX.

Manage and Allow specific users to access this plugin. Or perhaps add more event related to it (Hook will be added too!).

This will also include additional feature such as Multi Language.

GSnake (Simple)

Play Snake minigame on Garry's Mod! Support on all gamemodes.
Download More info

A simple minigame that allows you to play "Snake" classic game in any gamemodes!

You can play while you are on spectator (dead player) or anytime you want.

This is a simplified, basic and preview version. There will be no additional feature included.

GSnake (Extended)

Play Snake minigame on Garry's Mod w/ PointShop support!
Available for Donators More info

An extended Minigame with featuring:

  • Integrated Pointshop - Each time you scored by 10, You'll receive 1 Points for Pointshop.
  • Hooks
  • Advanced Stats
  • Configurable
  • Easy Usergroup management via ULX Groups menu
  • Integrated Database - Save current player highscore into database
  • Notify all player about your scores
  • Support on many Gamemodes.

Video Demonstration:

Taunt URL

Play any taunts on the web!
Coming Soon More info

As title says, Taunt URL allows you to play any taunts from internal server / external webs. This plugin is currently limited to any file web hosting that allows access to direct hotlinking. Currently support with MP3, WAV, or OGG extensions.

Lucky/Devil Addition

Add more events more items for Lucky Ball/Devil Crystal.
Coming Soon More info

A small addition for Lucky Balls and Devil Crystal events, to make it more unique and earn new powerups.

Currently it also support for PointShop as well.

Taunt Manager

Manage your taunts with ease!
Coming Soon More info

Manage taunts with Taunt Auto-Scanner, Deploy and Auto-Load with Workshop Content.

This addon is still on development. Subject may change in future.

Prop Hunt Level System

Add Leveling System to your Prop Hunt Gamemode!
Coming Soon More info

Please Note: This addon may be included onto Prop Hunt X in future version. We still trying to decide whether making it stay as plugins or integrating level system into Prop Hunt X.

Add RPG elements to Prop Hunt: X which include Level and XP.

This include Level Rewards once a player reaches to specific Level (Beta)

PropMap Editor

Add/Remove/Edit any existing Prop Hunt maps in your server.
Coming Soon More info

A Map Prop Editor which allows you to modify current map's entities: Removing, Duplicate, and more.

This addon may Subject changes in future.

Sub Class

Add subclass on each team with extra abilities or options
Coming Soon More info

No Information provided.

Additional Addons (Non-PH:E)

XProp Chooser

Prop Chooser Alt. Version for PropHunters and Prop Hunt: Classic.

Coming Soon (TBA)