Prop Hunt X

Reworked, Improvise, Finalize.
A pre-16 development continuation using from fork version 15 revision I.

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Currently, Prop Hunt X Development may be delayed. We'll try to come back improving PH:X on next week. Stay tuned!

Introducing: Prop Hunt X for Garry's Mod

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About Prop Hunt X

What is Prop Hunt (Enhanced) X

This gamemode is similar to current Prop Hunt: Enhanced development lineup, but include several new features:

  • Proper Prop Rotating Technique (Coming Soon)
  • Minor Game Mechanics changes
  • Feature-rich & customizable gamemode
  • More gamemode events
  • Prop-to-Hunter attack (Coming Soon)
  • Tweaks and Optimisation
  • Team Balance and Team Switch Control
  • And any other implementations ...

However, there are several changes with codes structure which was cleaned-up, new HUD & user interface, mechanics and optimisation that should be (or already) included in future updates. This is may also a part of a continuation version 15 (rev. I) which will be a finalized version and continue with revision changes.

Gamemode's Technical Info

This gamemode is a "Re-coded or reworked" version of Prop Hunt Enhanced version from pre-16. This is a fork version from Version 15 revision I as for "Continued Development" version from Wolvin's original edit, and finalize them with revision (or) version with codename "X/Xhanced". In addition, this include several optimisation, code changes, cleanups and more.

Naming & Versioning

Prop Hunt "X" is a temporal codename. We still not sure what should be named.

However, this isn't a continuation or resurrected version of PH:E Post-v16 development lineup, this is another standalone version made from Wolvin himself, using a fork from PH:E v15-Rev I which was intended for Project purposes.


Downloads are available under Downloads sections. You have 4 options for downloading PH:X:

  • Public Master branch in GitHub (Official Stable Release)
  • Public Steam Workshop (working Master branch) (Official Stable Release)
  • Beta Release (working dev-branch Branch) (May Unstable)
  • Non-Fretta (working no-fretta Branch) (Coming Soon)
Server Testing and the Optimisations

We provide a server to make sure we can monitor what players can do in-game. And what server owners can customise with the gamemode. That's why we need to tweak something to make sure the gamemode can be used and runs flawlessly (hopefully) without any issues.


Prop Hunt X may comes with a plugins too. Our server provides any plugins that you can try out too and make sure they can be used & working properly.