Prop Hunt X

Reworked, Improvise, Finalize.
A pre-16 development continuation using from fork version 15 revision I.

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The website has now updated. Improved accessibility and updated "Plugins" layout page. We're also working on updating PH:X Wiki topics.
Prop Hunt: X development will be continued on 25th October. A BIG Thanks from Ginger for a big support! ❤

Prop Hunt X for Garry's Mod


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About Prop Hunt X

What is Prop Hunt: X?

This gamemode is similar to current Prop Hunt: Enhanced development lineup, but include several new features:

  • Proper Prop Rotating Technique (Coming Soon)
  • Minor Game Mechanics changes
  • Feature-rich & customizable gamemode
  • More gamemode events
  • Prop-to-Hunter attack (Coming Soon)
  • Tweaks and Optimisation
  • Team Balance and Team Switch Control
  • And any other implementations ...

However, there are several changes with codes structure which was cleaned-up, new HUD & user interface, mechanics and optimisation that should be (or already) included in future updates. This is may also a part of a continuation version 15 (rev. I) which will be a finalized version and continue with revision changes.

The Gamemode Technical Info

This gamemode is a "Re-coded or reworked" version of Prop Hunt Enhanced version from pre-16. This is a fork version from Version 15 revision I as for "Continued Development" version from Wolvin's original edit, and finalize them with revision (or) version with codename "X/Xhanced". In addition, this include several optimisation, code changes, cleanups and more.

Naming & Versioning

Prop Hunt "X" is a temporal codename. We still not sure what should be named.

However, this isn't a continuation or resurrected version of PH:E Post-v16 development lineup, this is another standalone version made from Wolvin himself, using a fork from PH:E v15-Rev I which was intended for Project purposes.


Downloads are available under Downloads sections. You have 4 options for downloading PH:X:

  • Public Master branch in GitHub (Official Stable Release)
  • Public Steam Workshop (working Master branch) (Official Stable Release)
  • Beta Release (working dev-branch Branch) (May Unstable)
  • Non-Fretta (working no-fretta Branch) (Coming Soon)
Server Testing and the Optimisations

We provide a server to make sure we can monitor what players can do in-game. That's why we need to tweak something to make sure that this gamemode should worked & runs flawlessly without any issues.


Prop Hunt X may comes with a plugins too. Our server provides any plugins that you can try.