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About website Ads

Why with Ads?

Ads help us to pay the website bill, but they're only takes revenue by 10% of them. The revenue may be flunctuated and thus it's not guaranteed that this can help very much.

This include pop ads that, when we have reached to it's goal maximum, we'll no longer display pop ads anymore.

Why with the placements and reason of displaying ads?

We'd like to make this website available for everyone for easy accessing. We know ads are so annoying, through from the publisher, we were suggested to use enhanced ad placement. If we're pretty satisfy, then we'll provide less ads instead. This is the only way to make our website always active.

How to (help) remove these ads?

You can contribute to help make the PHX website available by Donating and reaches to goal at $15~30 per month. Information about donating can be found here: https://prophunt.wolvindra.net/donate

Currently, We're building a login page which allows you to access any donator plugins available and browse PHX without ads. Once the donation reaches the maximum yearly goal, the ads will be no longer displayed. This may take some time...

Your donation will always appear to donation page as "Top Donor of the Year" section, as a Big Thanks for the support!

Can I use AdBlocker?

That will drop our support :( but if you really want to understand why there's an ads, you can help by donating to remove these ads!