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Reworked - Finalize.
A pre-16 development continuation using from fork version 15 revision I.

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Introducing: Prop Hunt X for Garry's Mod

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About Prop Hunt X

What is Prop Hunt (Enhanced) X

This gamemode is similar to current Prop Hunt: Enhanced development lineup, which include several new features:

  • Proper Prop Rotating Technique
  • Minor Game Mechanics changes
  • Feature-rich & customizable gamemode
  • More gamemode events
  • Prop-to-Hunter attack
  • Tweaks and Optimisation
  • Team Balance(?) and Team Switch Control
  • And any other implementations that currently still on progress...

However, in this version there are several changes with codes clean-up, user interface, mechanics and optimisation that must be included in future updates. This is may also a part of a continuation version 15 (rev. I).

Gamemode's Technical Info

This gamemode is a "Re-coded or reworked" version of Prop Hunt Enhanced version from pre-16. This is a fork version from Version 15 revision I as for "Continued Development" version from Wolvin's original edit, and finalize them with revision (or) version with codename "X/Xhanced". In addition, this include several optimisation, code changes, cleanups and more.

Current development status

Naming & Versioning

Prop Hunt "X" is a temporal codename before the gamemode is actually available for public. The current gamemode state is closed-source.

This isn't a resurrect version of PH:E Post-v16 development lineup, this is a standalone version made from Wolvin himself, using a branch-fork from PH:E v15-Rev I which was intended for Project purposes. This may include several License changes for this gamemode on how that this gamemode should be used by some Servers.

Note: This is NOT a resurrect of PH:E development from Wolvin's PH:E Retirement. This is just a finalized version of Version 15 from Original edit.

Server Testing and the Optimisations

We provide a server to make sure we can monitor what players can do in-game. And what server owners can customise with the gamemode. That's why we need to tweak something to make sure the gamemode can be used and runs flawlessly (hopefully) without any issues.


Prop Hunt X may comes with a plugins too. Our server provides any plugins that you can try out too and make sure they can be used & working properly.

Connect Prop Hunt X

Prop Hunt X is currently unavailable for download. However, we'd like to make sure that the gamemode runs & working properly so you can contribute to test and provide feedback from the development.

Connect to Prop Hunt X - Public Test Server (Limitted Time Availability)

Join to Prop Hunt X Server

Resources & Links


Prop Hunt X Wiki

Currently unavailable, but we'll set it up soon once the gamemode is fully published.

Wiki Page

Addon and Plugins

An additional plugins for Prop Hunt X. Allows you to customise and more.

Plugins Page
Steam Collections

Steam Workshop Collection

Currently unavailable, but We'll inform soon whenever it's ready!

Workshop Collections

This project is purposely aimed to maintain and finalize any Prop Hunt Enhanced version and this may take alot of hard work to do. You can help me to support by donating.

By donating, you'll rewarded with many extra features from the server and an honourable stats (e.g: Special Chat Colours & Scoreboard Name) when the gamemode is actually available publicly.

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Support the Development by Donating!

Prop Hunt X is a continued Re-coded project based from Revision 15 with extra optimisation, security customisable and more.


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