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What is Prop Hunt: Enhanced?

Prop Hunt: Enhanced is a modified & enhanced version of Classic Prop Hunt. It also gives you many features such as unique, modernized, customisable features for the best Gameplay in today's Garry's Mod Prop Hunt gamemode.

The gamemode also support with many variaties such as:

  • Props Rotating
  • New Hooks (for Pointshops)
  • New UI
  • Selectable Custom Taunts & Auto Taunts
  • Optimised & Enhanced Gameplay Mechanic
  • Camera Collissions
  • And many more...!

Gameplay Videos

Credit to: Quilvers

Credit to: LetsPlay

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Resources & Helpful Links


Prop Hunt: Enhanced Wiki

A simple wiki page for a quick Prop Hunt: Enhanced references, helps, hooks, configurations, settings and many more.

Wiki Page

Prop Chooser

An additional addon which allows you to select any custom props in the map without having to press "E"!

Prop Chooser v1.1
Steam Collections

Steam Workshop Collection

A suggested collection that contains addon, map, and other stuffs. Don't know where to start? This collection will help!

Workshop Collections

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